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    Ok, I'm going to try to include all the information you could possibly want. I am so frustrated... FTM

    I was induced at 41 weeks, epidural with vaginal delivery. Only complication was she had meconium and had to be suctioned. We did skin-to-skin and she initially nursed for 45 minutes, both sides.

    Birth weight - 8lb 2oz
    Discharge - 7lb 11oz
    2weeks - 7lb 15.5oz
    4weeks - 8lb 14oz
    7weeks - 9lb 6oz

    She is EBF with 1-2 expressed bottles each day. We had a rough patch around 3weeks and I introduced the nipple shield. We still use the shield 90% of the time. My left nipple is shaped funny, not-flat or inverted, just strange - so she almost always needs the shield on the left. She will nurse without it on the right, but I find when she is extra fussy or tired, it only makes her more fussy so I put it on. Between weeks 3 and 5 we could nurse on the go without it. From 6weeks until the presents, she won't nurse without it, so I have to make sure I take one with me (when we get out).

    At 5 weeks I noticed her being extra fussy for no reason. Fed and changed. She's never been a big burper. So at 5w 3d old, I took her to the chiropractor. He made an adjustment and suggested we both start probiotics. He suggested this after I told him that she was only pooping 2-3 times a day. Her poops were normal, mustard yellow and seedy. Well she then only pooped once a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Her last poo was completely liquid smooth. That Monday, I took her to the LC for a weight check (my sanity). She mentioned that there might be a fore/hind milk imbalance and to start feeding her on one side during a feeding. When I started that, she would eat about 30 minutes on the one side and be okay for about 5-10 minutes. So then I offer the other breast and she would eat for 15-20minutes.

    After Sunday she went 8 days without pooping. I called the Dr.'s office on the 7th day and they recommended giving her an ounce of water and rectal stimulation. The water made her more fussy and nothing from the rectal stimulation. On the 8th day, we took her to the Dr. He checked her out and recommended an ounce of pear juice, a suppository and to stop the probiotics. He also said that she might have a milk allergy because she has an eczema rash on her face, so I needed to eliminate my dairy intake (which is usually just cheese and ice cream). She pooped after the suppository - it was runny, peanut butter looking and a lot, she also pooped once the next day- closer to what it was before she stopped pooping and back to a normal amount. That brings us to today. She has yet to poop, but it is only 3pm.

    She sleeps from about 11pm - 5/6am. Anywhere from 5-8 hours at night. Then a 2-3 hour nap after the first feed (both sides, one hour this morning). Then, the issue, once she wakes from this morning nap she then wants to feed ALL day. I have nursed from 10:15 until 2:15 with only 2 - 30 minute breaks. She falls asleep at the breast and wakes up when I take her off and screams. I have tried gas drops (not a noticeable difference), gripe water seems to work for a little bit, and Hyland's Colic tablets only work for the 15 minutes.

    Why am I stuck on the couch all day? She just slept for one hour and she's awake again and rooting and sucking on her hands. Please help.

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    Is your doctor (or are you) concerned about your baby's weight gain? It seems rather slow?

    If I am understanding correctly, your baby gained a total of 8 ounces in the last 3 weeks-21 days? That is an average of a third of an ounce per day. That is very slow gain. The two weeks prior to that, from age 2 weeks to age 4 weeks, baby gained 14 ounces, or an ounce a day-normal, average gain. So either something pretty drastic started happening in the last three weeks, causing your baby to not get enough to eat, or to not gain well for some other reason, or the weight checks are off.
    Were the weight checks on different scales?

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    I am focusing on the weight gain first, because baby not pooping for 8 days is entirely normal at this age IF baby is getting enough milk. It is not an indicator of constipation because breastmilk fed babies do not get constipated. (But it could, possibly, indicate not enough milk into baby overall.) There is also nothing very unusual about your baby’s nursing patterns EXCEPT that your baby's gain appears slow.

    A baby this age needs to nurse a lot because they are growing at an incredible rate. A minimum of 8-10 times a day. If baby takes a long sleep stretch, (longer than about 4-5 hours) and yours does, then baby will need to make up for it when awake.

    But the sessions may be so long in part because there is a milk transfer issue-baby nurses and nurses but cannot get enough milk. This may be due to the nipple shield or latch issues, or perhaps low production?

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    Sorry, I was rounding her weeks. She was 8lb 14.5oz on Monday, July 8. And 8 days later she was 9lb 6oz. No one has shown any concern regarding her weight. They were done on different scales.
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    Ok I am confused. What day was she born?

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    May 28 - 8 lb 2 oz - birth
    May 31- 7lb 11oz -discharged
    June 13- 7lb 15.5 oz-2week check up
    July 8 - 8lb 14oz - LC weight check for my sanity
    July 16 - 9lb 6oz- Dr visit after not pooping for 8 days

    So sorry. Nursing, thinking and typing don't happen very well at the same time

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    OK! So the weight gain was a little slow from June 13th until July 8th but is now good. Sound right?

    So, again, a breastfed baby at this age going several days without pooping is normal and not a sign of constipation. Sure baby may get a little uncomfortable if it has been a while, but it's still not constipation.

    The nursing pattern is normal, for this age, but I would suggest a few things for long feedings:

    keep trying to wean baby from the shield. http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/wean-shield/
    Breast compressions http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-BC
    Did keeping baby on longer on one side help at all? Because I think switching sides once during a session often helps with super long sessions.

    If baby has fallen asleep at the breast, try taking baby off but keep holding baby. Baby feels most secure on mom or another trusted adult.

    Why is baby getting bottles? If baby is separated from mom part of the day, sometimes baby will “make up for it” by nursing lots when with mom.
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    Baby gets one bottle if dad wants to feed her, so I can shower. But it usually doesn't satisfy her, so I nurse her before I lay her down. Any more bottles are given for convenience when we are out of she's hungry a d we don't have time to nurse for an hour.

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    A bottle may not "satisfy" baby because babies nurse for reasons besides hunger. Smart baby knows the 'real thing!'-You!

    Assuming there are no milk transfer issues, I am sure that as your baby gets older she will nurse more efficiently. That is usually how it goes. Hopefully the ideas I posted above for helping 'speed up' feedings will help in the meantime.

    I think this is a good article about normal nursing behavior in the newborn period. It says it is about up to 6 weeks of age, but many babies nurse like this for a few weeks longer than that. http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

    Typically as baby gets older, stronger, bigger tummy, and more efficient at the breast, nursing sessions get shorter-much shorter. The long feedings will still happen of course, because baby and your body needs that sometimes. But more and more, quick sessions become part of the mix.

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