Thanks so much ladies. Like I said, I doubt there is much we can do but keep trying to test when she will sleep again out and about. For now we just have to accept that she is going through a sleep time where she needs quiet and a certain setting. She is kind of all over the map right now anyway so I guess it is the 4 month thing. Usually she goes to bed around 9pm with me and I also just read if I cannot sleep yet. Last night though, she fell asleep for what I thought was a later nap at 6:30 and ended up dream feeding with me in bed until 7:30am. I was pretty shocked but I guess she was tired! Hopefully she will get more relaxed again soon or start spending more time awake/sleeping at one time and for now I will just be thankful for what she is able to give me and try to work on making plans again once she gets over this time.