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Thread: Baby turning head while breastfeeding?

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    Default Baby turning head while breastfeeding?

    I have a 3 month old baby girl and it took us about 4 weeks to get used to breastfeeding, but we finally got there. (Yay!) Well just within the past week, every time I breastfeed on the left side she tries to twist her head down (we use the cradle hold position). She doesn't twist up, just down. Then when her head is not twisting down she uses her hand to press on my breast while feeding. Both ways tug at the nipple and are painful and sore! The only way I've found to get her to stop is by using one hand to cradle her head and the other to hold her hand. She also feeds just fine on the right side! Never any problems! Does it sound like the milk isn't coming fast enough on just the one side, if that's even possible? She'll stop doing it about halfway through the feed and is satisfied in about the same amount of time as the right side, she's not wanting to do longer feeds on the left or anything. If this sounds like the case is there anything I can do? If not, help please!!

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    Hi! My daughter has also been doing this and she is also just starting to roll from back to tummy a lot. I feel like the 2 are related (?) She is also having trouble sleeping because she is so busy rolling, grabbing her pacifier, etc. I wonder if maybe your baby is going through the same stages?

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    Hoya just to let you know my baba went through a stage of doing this, really bizzare! But he's stopped doing it now thank goodness.. I kind of thought that it was because he had an itchy nose and was rubbing it on my breast?! Perhaps not maybe he was just playing and experimenting, whichever , he has stopped now. Good luck!

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    Ok, I'm just throwing something out there, and it could be completely off-base, but I wonder if it's a chiropractic issue?

    Your theory (differences in let down & flow speeds between breasts) is possible as well. Babies can certainly display different nursing behaviors for each side as a result.

    My LO used to do that pushing on the breast thing as well while latched. It was annoying and sometimes painful. They do sometimes push/kneed the breast to try to stimulate a let down, but I also felt like he was just in an exploratory phase with sensations. I would just take his hand in mine instead (hold it, kiss it, give him a little hand massage etc).
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