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Thread: A success story!

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    So I am BF LO#2...with LO#1 I had an oversupply, but with #2 I wasnt so lucky. I went back to work about a month ago and could not pump enough for the next days bottles. My BFF is a L&D/NICU nurse and had some good tips. First I went out and rented a Medela Symphony (the hospital grade one). I was using the Medela PISA. She said that a lot of her NICU moms swore by it and that it was just better. Then she told me to pump after as many nursing sessions as I could. and when I was pumping to pump until I was dry, then continue to pump for 5 minutes more. During that 5 min she said I could hit the letdown phase button again and try for a second letdown. All of these things combined have increased my supply threefold! I am now pumping enough for the next days bottles and a little more! I always get 2 letdowns each pumping session and sometimes I have gotten 3! I noticed a slight change in just one day, not in supply but in getting more let downs. It only took about 2 days to see an increase in milk production. I am so happy and wanted to share my success story. I hope this helps someone

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    Terrific, mama! So glad your experience was a good one. Your BFF gave you great advice!

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