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Thread: How To Tell If Low Supply???

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    My LO is 4 1/2 months and at her 4mo appt she weighed 13lb 5.5 oz. I was told this was the 50%. She has been all over the place on the charts but mostly decreasing in % but my ped said it was completely normal and healthy growth esp for a bf baby
    I believe this was calculated using a chart for breast fed babies. Maybe that is the problem and not anything with your son or your supply?
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    I made the mistake of getting hung up on percentiles. I had a baby born in the 90th percentile who fell to the 20th by the 4 month visit. I became obsessed with the numbers despite the fact that our pediatrician said that she couldn't get concerned by the growth chart because my son was consistently following the curve for head circumference and length, he was vigorous and meeting his milestones and, as my pediatrician always stressed, he [I]looked[I] healthy. In hindsight, I wish I hadn't stressed so much about it. As long as your are nursing on demand, there are no signs that your baby is distressed (fussy, blood or mucus in stools, or lacking energy) and the baby is meeting growth milestones, you shouldn't focus solely on the numbers.

    Stress also plays a role with letdown and production! I can always tell when I am stressed at work because my pumping output is diminished, which in turn stresses me out more. Easier said than done, but taking a few moments for yourself to relax will not only help you feel better but may also help your supply (although I don't think you have a real supply issue on your hands).

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