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Thread: Vomiting normal?

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    Default Vomiting normal?

    My little guy is 5 weeks old and since 2ish weeks has had occasional vomits - not spitups - diaphram heaving. Though they have been more of a daily occurrance lately. My daughter did this as well and she had severe reflux, but she did this way way worse. She also never slept well, cried inconsolably, spit up with almost every feeding, and started to refuse to nurse 2-3 months old.

    This little guy is so easy going, doesn't spit up - just occasionally throws up, usually in the am after a big nursing. he often gags on hiccups he gets a little while after feeding and it makes him throw up. He is a great sleeper and nurser - a pretty easy guy - so different from my refluxy daughter.

    I do have a bit of an overactive letdown in the morning as he sleeps so well at night my breasts are really full and it's usually in the morning when he hiccup vomits. I am just wondering if other's experience this? I'm trying not to freak out about it because of my experience with my daughter, but all together this is much less severe than with her...

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    How's his weight gain? I think that in a baby who is generally happy and healthy and is gaining weight well, this is an annoyance, not a health problem. But if he's not happy, not growing- then it's time to explore the reflux angle.

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