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Thread: Happy Birthday to baby!

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    Default Happy Birthday to baby!

    My little baby is 1 today!

    We are going through a rough patch of recurrent mastitis at the moment, but I'm still so glad to have made it once again to a year of breastfeeding! Despite all the pumping, tube-feeding, and inability to latch for the first 6 weeks or so. I was determined this time to not supplement with formula unless it was medically necessary, and despite some pressure due to "slow weight gain,", she has thrived on just breastmilk and solid foods.

    Thanks so much for all the support and advice here, mamas!

    You can read our success story here: https://www.lllc.ca/sites/lllc.ca/fi...peal2013_1.pdf

    Thanks again!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to baby!

    Happy birthday to your LO! And congrats on getting to a year despite the challenges.

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to baby!

    Congratulations! And happy Birth Day!

    Mommy to
    Lilah 10/08 nursed 25 months
    Beatrix 01/11 nursed 30 months

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday to baby!

    Congrats, and happy birthday baby! You should feel very proud of yourself for all that you have worked for .

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