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    I am a stay home mother of a 9 month old little boy. He is about 28 lbs. and has always been a champ on the breast. He eats three solid meals a day with no known allergies as of yet. He has 6 teeth and counting. What's the trouble?

    He wants to nurse/pacify on the breast all night long. He won't go to sleep or back to sleep without. He absolutely refuses. This hasn't been a problem/I just rolled along with it, but now he is biting and trying to stick his thumb in there simultaneously. I don't care if he wants to suck his thumb, but with the breast he ends up biting.

    Here are the things my husband and I have tried:

    warm baths
    last solid before breast milk
    baby massage
    dim lights/bright lights
    rocking chair
    Ergo carrier
    pressure points/accupressure

    I have refused to allow him to cry really ever if I can do anything to help it, including just giving him my breast.

    Any advice????

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You might want to take a a look at Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution". The techniques in the book are very gentle and sometimes they work, and even if they don't they at least make you feel as if you are doing something.

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    Is the problem mostly the biting? Because there are things you can do to discourage that, if you are mostly looking to correct that particular behavior! I can't link from my nearly broken smartphone, but KellyMom has excellent ideas to combat baby bites.

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