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    I am off work for 12 weeks; then I will pump and be able to feed the baby on lunch hours.

    How much time do I need to get LO used to using bottles? I read 6 weeks, but I wonder if that's a "no sooner than" answer; I'd like to wait as long as possible, but don't know how much time I need before going back to work.

    Thanks for your help. I've found this website (and the womanly art of BF book) EXTREMELY helpful!!!!

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    Hi michigander, welcome to the forum. It's best not to introduce bottles before 4-6 weeks, when breastfeeding is well-established, but that doesn't mean you HAVE to introduce the bottle at six weeks. Some moms do encounter difficulty getting an older baby to take a bottle, though. You might want to very gradually start introducing the bottle a few weeks before you go back to work - if baby takes the bottle, great, and you can keep him/her in the habit by offering a bottle every few days. If baby resists the bottle, that gives you time to work on it. Usually babies who resist the bottle are older than yours will be, but you never know.

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