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Thread: I dont know what pump its better???

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    Default I dont know what pump its better???

    Ameda Purely Yours

    Advanced Personal Double Electric Breast Pump- Medela

    EnJoye Double Electric breast pump from Hygeia

    Medela Free Style

    Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump (metro bag and backpack)

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    Default Re: I dont know what pump its better???

    From what I understand different people like different pumps. The Medela Pump in Style Advanced works well for me. The flanges happen to fit me well and both the metro bag and the tote seem to be set up well to store all I need for a day.
    As with most pumps there are pros and cons. The only trouble I've had with the PIS is that the tubes will sometimes get milk in them. I pump while driving so it can be hard to ensure the pump is at the right angle/height to avoid this. When milk gets in there I just wash it out and hang to dry then attach to pump to complete the drying process. It is helpful to run the pump a bit following each pumping session to dry out any condensation. Otherwise mold can grow in tubes. Medela will send brand new tubes if you call and tell them this happened. Great customer service in my experience!

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    Default Re: I dont know what pump its better???

    Depends on your needs. Are you going back to work full time, part time, or are you going to be home with baby, and just needing to pump the occasional bottle for a sitter?

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    Default Re: I dont know what pump its better???

    If you've got activist leanings, Hygeia is the only WHO Code-compliant company. Their pump is also the only officially multi-user closed-system pump, so you can sell it or give it away when you're done. I've never had issues with milk getting in my tubing, m1162 describes with her Medela. The one thing that is a pain in the behind, though, is that the bottles it comes with are this weird wide-mouthed style. It comes with an adaptor so you can pump into narrow neck bottles, but it's one more little piece to remember.

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    Default Re: I dont know what pump its better???

    I'm using the Medela Pump in Style and I really like it. I chose it because it has less parts than others, as the diaphragm is inside the motor. I considered the Freestyle because it's so light, but you have to remove the diaphragm each time to clean it, and saving time cleaning was the most important aspect for me. You just have four parts per side to wash with the Pump in Style.

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