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Thread: Reverse cycling?

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    Default Reverse cycling?

    If reverse cycling happened to you, when did it stop? When baby was not as interested in the world and trying to learn how to stand up/pull up, etc?

    I'm a SAHM of 2, and baby (7 months) eats all night long even though I feed her on demand in the day time. I know she is both distracted and very mobile during the day, the only time she'll really eat during the day is for her 2 naps and bed time. Two other really quick feeds. Then she feeds almost constantly throughout the night. If there's an ounce to be eaten she'll eat it, she keeps my breasts empty all night.

    I try the darkened room/quiet and then do the opposite if she really wants to be where the action is. Neither is getting us really good feedings unless she's tired.

    I assume there is not much I can do to change this?
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    Default Re: Reverse cycling?

    I don't remember when it stopped. My girls both wanted to nurse all night long, they were away from me during the day and they needed it to reconnect.

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    Default Re: Reverse cycling?

    Mine started reverse cycling around 12 wks old when we started daycare and he was refusing bottles. Full on bottle refusal and reverse cycling persisted for two months. But then even when he did accept the bottle, I think the habit of night waking 4-6x was so comfortable and reassuring for him that he continued to do it ... and even now at 14 mos he still wakes and nurses back down maybe 3-4x per night. And then I feel like he has so many darn teeth coming through one right after the other ... I sometimes wonder if he is part shark baby with rows and rows of teeth lying in wait to disrupt my sleep forever! So I don't know -- for me it is hard to distinguish the original reverse cycling from the night waking pattern he fell into. I empathize though... sooo tiring.

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    Default Re: Reverse cycling?

    Mine did some reverse cycling at 12 weeks shortly after I returned to work and then they started again recently (they are 4 months old). Fortunately, it only lasts a week or two for us. My husband, who is the current daytime caregiver, offers bottles more frequently during the day in a quieter setting when this starts to happen. I also encourage a lot of feedings in the evenings, offering the breast sometimes every 30 minutes or so. I also try to offer their favorite position (side-lying) frequently in the evenings. And they prefer eating in bed (who doesn't!), so often we'll go up and spend time in there for a while. Sounds like you're already doing most of that stuff, though. It's awful, I know. If mine kept it up for more than a week at a time here or there I'd die of exhaustion!

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