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Thread: my baby wont sleep without breast

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    When I had one baby here is how I napped- took baby into bed, closed our dark curtians, and nursed sidelying. I usually took a book with me (I have read myself to sleep all my life.- If the room was too dark, I used a booklight.) Soon baby and I would be asleep. Here is how I get naps now that I have 3 kids and cannot go hide out in my room for an hour: I sit on the couch. I lean back. I nurse baby. Baby goes to sleep, safely on top of me. I close my eyes, and I am asleep, at least for a bit.

    While of course darkness helps for longer stretches of sleep, we (humans) are able to sleep during the daylight hours. Entire cultures do so routinely.

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    oh yeah, get rid of the clocks!! that was really helpful for me.

    naps - in bed with me or on daddy's chest. still, at 25 months, ds always naps with one of us at home. except for the past school year when he was at daycare and they magically got him to sleep alone in a crib for 1-2 hrs every day. i have no idea how they did it!
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    Thanks for you advice ladies :-) I have not been checking the time in the middle of the night, that seems to help.
    I am just gonna do what i have to, be it, let Joshua suck when he wants to..and not stress about it! .My daughter was such a different baby, very easy, but everyone has there own temperaments and such.

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    Amy, I am going through the same thing with my 9 month old right now and was curious if you figured out a way to resolve this? She also needs the breast to sleep and now can't put herself back to sleep at night without the breast, which causes me to wake up about 4 times a night. When she wakes up, I give her my breast in the side-lying position and she falls right back to sleep, but I'm curious how to get her to stop relying on this so my husband can put her to bed if needed. Thanks!!

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    My DH is an overworked police officer who gets up at 4 am to work a 12-hour shift, if he's lucky enough to get off on time. I get leg cramps side-lying to co-sleep and my baby has to be tricked into being laid in the side car, though she usually will go into it after a looong nurse and cuddle afterwards. So, anyway, I feel your pain.

    It helps me to prop up in bed a little and sleep with her on my chest. Also, she sleeps much better if she has nursed well during the day, and we have all kinds of issues going on with day nursing. Is your LO nursing well in daytime?

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    I have 4 little ones - a nine, a five, and a set of two-year-old twins. All of them were latched on sleepers. I stuck it out until they reached about 2 years old, but then I worked to transition them to fall asleep without the breast. I'm in the midst of that process with my twins right now. For me, a routine change helped a lot. I spend about an hour before bedtime getting the kids ready for sleep. I have a two phased approach.

    Phase 1:
    warm bath with lavender oil, gentle joint compressions, baby massage, storytime with lullabye, nursing (outside of the bedroom)
    Phase 2:
    white noise program with vibrational technology (sounds odd, I know - but it made a HUGE difference in their sleep)

    I put them down awake with the audio program playing. They settle within minutes and sleep for much longer stretches than they did prior to the implementation of our new routine. No CIO, no disappearing chair. Just peaceful babies

    You can read about the audio program at http://baby2sleep.net.

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