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Thread: Can a ten-month-old show signs of self weaning?

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    Default Re: Can a ten-month-old show signs of self weaning?

    Since she's still only 10 months, I wouldn't try to drop any feedings right now. Again, weaning from the breast isn't supposed to even begin until a year. If you were going to drop nursing sessions at this point, you'd need to replace dropped sessions with formula.

    Is there a reason why you don't want to nurse at night? As you experienced, trying to soothe baby without nursing can be very challenging, especially when the baby is teething or sick or something.

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    Default Re: Can a ten-month-old show signs of self weaning?

    One of the beauties of breastfeeding is that it is not only a way to feed baby, but the easiest and most natural way to soothe baby! Whether baby is upset by teeth, a fall, tiredness or whatever else - almost always the breast is an easy cure. So if baby is crying at night because her teeth hurt, why not just go ahead and nurse? (This is also why it's nice to keep nursing beyond a year - you can drop the workday pumping, but you still have this wonderful tool at your disposal!)

    Agree with mommal about not dropping sessions at this point.

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