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Thread: Help - 2.5 week old won't stop chomping

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    Default Help - 2.5 week old won't stop chomping

    Please, any suggestions on how to deal with this?

    My newborn daughter - second kid I've breastfed - will not stop chomping/chewing my breast despite everything I've tried. She starts each feed with a chomping up and down motion and then transitions into a correct latch after my milk lets down. I have a really hard time getting her to open her mouth wide enough, and trying to "shove" more aureola in doesn't seem to work either.

    We worked with two lactation consultants while in the hospital to ensure a good latch, and neither of them had any suggestions on how to stop the chomping except to let her practice on a finger before starting the feed. They were both positive that she was latching well.

    I do have a bit of an oversupply and engorgement issue - I've been fighting mastitis since my milk came in - engorgement makes the chomping excruciating!

    She's decided that I'm a good pacifier, and the last few days of constant nursing have made me so sore, especially on one side that tends toward engorgement, that I end up crying during the worst feeds. I'm to the point of stopping nursing on one side and pumping until I heal a bit. I'm also dealing with a vasospasm issue - my nipples are constantly erect and any clothing constriction causes them to turn white, so that doesn't help the pain issues.

    Other than the chomping, she's a super nurser compared to my son. She's very efficient already and has no problems nursing while half asleep, making night nursing a bit easier!

    Birth weight: 8 lbs 0 oz Last weight check at 14 days old 8lbs 8 oz
    Wet (cloth) diapers: 10-12 per 24 hrs Dirty diapers: 3-4 per 24 hrs
    Feeding schedule: on demand, usually every 2-3 hrs, with a 3-4 hr long cluster feed in the late afternoon/early evening.

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    Default Re: Help - 2.5 week old won't stop chomping

    Welcome to the forum!

    Was the baby carefully checked for tongue tie? And would it be possible for you to see an independent lactation consultant, preferably one with an IBCLC credential?

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    Default Re: Help - 2.5 week old won't stop chomping

    I had similar problems with my 1st daughter. heavy let down, engorgement, Because the engorgement was so bad, I actually would pump a little, tiny bit before nursing because hand expressing the milk was either too difficult or not enough to relieve the pain of her chomping down on my engorged breast. The benefit was that nursing was much better because my daughter was no longer chomping on my FULL breast and areola. The drawback is that I had to be diligent about having the pump stuff ready and that i was making a little bit more milk than was necessary. This alleviated itself after a few weeks when i began pumping at work. Even so, it was worth the struggle to be more comfortable while nursing.

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