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Thread: Strong suck but not feeding - teething - period?

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    Default Strong suck but not feeding - teething - period?

    My 12mo DS is experiencing teething discomfort at the moment and when he nurses to sleep the past day he's been sucking really hard but in a different way - kind of like trying to suck my whole breast into his mouth, which causes his teeth to scrape. Does this sound like he's just soothing his gums by sucking ? I just read another thread that supply can drop of prior to AF which I have a feeling is on the way so perhaps it's that ? And he's trying to get more this is there ?


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    Default Re: Strong suck but not feeding - teething - period?

    That sounds uncomfortable! It's hard to say why your LO is doing this... With older babies, quirky nursing behaviors can be par for the course. Teething could definitely be the cause, though.
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