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    My son is 5 1/2 months, we are co-sleeping. For the first almost 4 months things were going great, he was nursing 2-3 times a night, and would always give me a 4 hour stretch, sometimes even 5 or 6 hours. It was great. Right at 4 months he started waking up every 1 to 2 hours and would nurse a bit before he went back to sleep. He also got his first teeth at 4 months and is subsequently in the process of getting his top teeth...they are almost in, but not quite there yet. So for the last month and a half I've been up every 1 to 2 hours nursing the little guy. I'm not sure if developmentally this is just a stage they go through or if it is related to the teething and when the top ones come in things will normalize or if I've just created a bad habit. He nurses well during the day, usually every 2 to 3 hours...I can't say exactly because I just feed him on demand. He usually takes 3-4 good naps during the day ranging from 1-3 hours, so I just don't know. The other part that makes it difficult is that he hates nursing while lying down (Sigh), so I literally have to sit up in bed and nurse him and then put him back down to sleep and I definitely can't just hook him on and sleep while he nurses because it just doesn't work.

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    I've heard of the 4 month sleep regression, which was the first thing I thought of when I read your post, but my guy is still a bit younger than that so I can't provide any more info than Google can. Hopefully some of the other ladies have had some experience and can share more. I do know that babies' sleep habits change for a lot of reasons, including teething and learning new skills, so I wouldn't think this is a "bad habit"--likely just something that babies go through.

    That doesn't make it any less tiring on mama, though! I've had a few of those every-1-to-2-hour spells at night and they were tough. It's especially rough that he doesn't like the side lying position... trying to stay upright and awake at night is hard!! Hugs!

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    My money is on the 4 month sleep regression, or the beginning of teething.

    You might want to take a look at Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for a realistic look at infant sleep and also some gentle techniques for encouraging a longer stretch of sleep.

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    I was also going to mention the 4 month sleep regression. I didn't know it was a thing until it had already happened to us.

    We co-sleep for part of the night - he starts in a co sleeper and then moves into the bed later in the night, and I'm starting to notice that now that he can roll over and move around, he isn't as happy in the cosleeper or in bed with us because we get in his way when he's trying to move around/roll over. So I might need to move to a crib soon.

    Is your little one possibly trying to move around and finding you to be in their way?

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    So in the past week or so I've started him in his crib initially and then taken him to bed with us after his first wake-up. Last night he actually slept from 9-1 (yay!), that's the first 4 hour stretch I've gotten from him in a long time and that has made such a difference in how I feel. He does move around a lot, so maybe he's just happier with more space in his crib. I think I will give this a go for awhile and see how he does. I do have the Elizabeth Pantley book, so I pulled it out and started rereading it, thanks for that suggestion!

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    One thing that is constant with babies is change! So, don't be surprised if/when his sleep habits change again. Waking every 1 to 2 hours can be normal but hard on mama, that's for sure!

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