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    I have 3 week old twin boys whom I breastfeed and then supplement with formula or pumped breastmilk using sns. I had to supplement because they lost too much weight plus they had jaundice. My goal is to exclusively breastfeed them but I'm feeling so discouraged! I was supplementing with 40mls for each baby but the lactation consultant said I could lower that to 20mls for Baby A and 10mls for Baby B. This was based on taking their weights before and after a nursing session to see how much they are getting from me. Well when I lowered the amount, my babies do not seem satisfied. I'm starting to wonder if my supply is diminishing? There was a couple days that I was not consistent with the pumping but could those couple of days have such a big impact on my supply? I have started pumping again every 3 hours in hopes of upping my milk supply but sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to exclusively breastfeed my twins. Any advice is really appreciated!

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    Hi mama, congrats on the twins! I know there are a couple of mamas on these boards that are currently nursing twins, so hopefully they'll have some good ideas for you specifically for that. In terms of your supply, it's still really fragile at this point - it generally takes the first 6 weeks or so for your supply to be established. So it IS really important that you keep up the pumping/nursing frequently for your supply. What kind of pump are you using? Any issues with latch (ie. is it painful for you?)? Is weight gain/diaper output good?

    Have you read the kellymom article on weaning from supplements? That might help http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/basi...rease-formula/

    Don't give up or feel discouraged. Anyone who can nurse and care for twins at all is a hero in my book - I felt I was barely managing with just one baby!

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    Hi and welcome! congratulations on your new dear babies!

    Are you supplementing every feeding? and how are you supplementing (bottle, syringe, before nursing ,after, etc?)

    Well when I lowered the amount, my babies do not seem satisfied. I'm starting to wonder if my supply is diminishing?
    What do you mean that babies do not seem satisfied? It is normal for babies this age to be eating very very frequently most of the time, to cluster nurse, to not sleep long periods etc.

    Time management and avoiding total exhaustion are a constant struggle for new moms, and of course if there are TWO babies, and mom is pumping as well, that makes life very hard, so it is easy to get discouraged. Please know that, generally speaking, it IS very possible to exclusively nurse twins. Women's bodies were made to do this!

    Some suggestions-
    All new mamas need help in the newborn period. When there are two babies, that goes double. How is your support at home?

    if you like your IBCLC, I suggest, keep in close touch. explain your concerns, and Ask her for clarification. If your plan needs tweaking because you cannot keep up wiht the pumping or any other reason, talk to her about that.

    There is a VERY good book about breastfeeding and multiples, called Mothering Multiples. I strongly suggest you get this book. You can also visit the authors website, she has tons of pictures and info posted. http://www.karengromada.com/

    This is a very good article about what is normal in the newborn period. http://kellymom.com/bf/normal/newborn-nursing/

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