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    DS is 4 weeks old and for the past 2 weeks he has had a mix of greeny/yellowy poo. Sometimes its more green than yellow and other times it's more yellow than green. No blood, no mucus. A few of his poops have been bright green, but just a few.

    It seems like the "perfect" newborn poo is supposed to be yellow and seedy, but his changes so much.

    Is there a good resource of what healthy poop in a newborn should look like (or a range of healthy)? Is this normal? He is EBF.

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    Green is defintely in the range of normal. Green can indicate illness or forceful letdown, but if everything else is going well with baby, no need to worry at all about green poops. This article is pretty clear. http://drjaygordon.com/pediatricks/general/poop.html

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    Don't get hung up on perfection, when it comes to poop. As long as baby is happy and healthy and growing, variations in poop color/consistency don't matter much. And after 6 weeks, even frequency can change on you- a lot of breastfed babies start pooping just once a week sometime during their first year.

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