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Thread: Help! Grunting, crying at nipple

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    My 2 week old has been nursing well until a few days ago. He latches on well and begins to nurse, but begins to grunt shortly thereafter and grows increasingly frustrated, kicking his legs, turning red and eventually crying and coming off the nipple. This usually continues on and off after we're done feeding... The sudden fussing, squirmy and redness. I try to burp him every time after feedings, but it only results in him crying even harder.

    I've had a little engorgement, and every now and then while nursing, he'll unlatch and milk will stream out of his mouth, and he'll gag. Ive also had angled nipples after feedings. Thinking this was all due to fast letdown, I've changed up positions so he's more above the nipple. But we're still having problems.

    On Monday we saw the doctor and he had gained a pound since birth. He nurses every 2-3 hours on average and has 10-15 diaper changes a day. Poop goes between seedy yellow and runny yellow. Sleeps well, 2-3 hour stretches several times a day/night.

    Help! Any suggestions on bringing some relief for baby???

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    I think you don’t have much to worry about. I would suspect a little forceful letdown/overproduction maybe, due to the fast weight gain, gagging, engorgement and watery poops. Production typically peaks in the first 2-5 weeks and then calms down, so this will likely simply calm down on its own fairly quickly. Remember, while it might cause baby some discomfort, this is not hurting baby at all.

    Besides the laid back nursing, try nursing even MORE often at least during the day. (it really does help)
    if baby sputters or gags, take baby off, catch leaking letdown in a cloth, and put baby back on.

    if you are pumping, stop, unless it is needed to relieve engorgement. Pumping increases production. If you are pumping to relieve engorgement, consider nursing or hand expression instead, or pump ONLY a little –“to comfort.”

    Don’t insist on burping if it is upsetting baby. A breastfed baby does NOT need to be burped after every feeding, typically. Baby will burp or spit up when he needs to and that is fine and normal. If baby has been laid flat, baby may cry when baby needs to burp and just bringing baby upright will bring the burp up. Hold baby upright (head above tummy) as much as possible. This is why babies love to sleep snuggled basically upright on top of mom or dads chest or against out shoulder while we walk around or sit and relax. It is much more comfortable than lying flat on their backs.

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    Thank you so much lllmeg! I increased the nursing frequency this afternoon/evening, and it has already helped... The last feeding went much smoother.

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