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Thread: Fussy eating now @ 11.5 weeks

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    Default Fussy eating now @ 11.5 weeks

    I thought I've been doing well since he's been eating well and gaining weight but now that I've returned to work (starting last week), DH has been trying to bottle feed him. During the day he'll eat very little since we're still trying to encourage him to eat from the bottle when I'm at work, so when I come home, he gets fed right away.

    That has been going okay until a few days ago, where he will get fussy at the breast. Once he starts crying I take him off the breast and calm him down (at this point he's still very clearly hungry, making sucking noises, sucking on my skin or shirt, or his fist) and then try to place him at the breast again, either the same one or the opposite. He'll either take it and eat, or will refuse to eat and just sleep.

    In the evenings when going to bed, he'll eat a little bit and then have his usual evening fussy/crying/not wanting to sleep attitude. I co-sleep with my baby so I generally feed him in the middle of the night when he's hungry right then and there and he's fine with that, he'll eat.

    I don't know if it's because I am going back to work so he has to deal with bottles and don't know what to do with himself when I am home the entire day, or maybe it's the progestin-only BC that I started taking a few days ago.

    Whatever it is, it's clearly frustrating me and the little one when it comes to feeding time. I really do try to be calm about it all and take him off my breast when he gets upset but at this point, I don't know what to do. I feel like there's something wrong with me.

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    Default Re: Fussy eating now @ 11.5 weeks

    There's nothing wrong with you, mama! This is a huge transition for you and for baby.

    If you're worried about the birth control, why not stop taking it? Use some other method for the time being, and eliminate that possible explanation for the fussiness.

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