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Thread: Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

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    Default Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

    My little sweetie boy turns 13 months this week. He has taken to pinching me while nursing. I don't know if it's related to a stronger pincer grasp (it seems to coincide) or what, but it HURTS! He just pinches the skin on my chest and my arms over, and over and over. I hold his hand, or let him squeeze my finger, but he goes back to wanting to pinch. He's using all his fingers and his thumb.

    He does this not nursing too. He'll grab my leg and pinch it.

    He's also increased biting at me. He laughs when I say "Ouch, you can't bite mommy. Bite this instead."

    Any suggestions? It's summer, so many of my shirts have a more open neckline, which doesn't help. .

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    Default Re: Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

    Ouch! Owch! Ouchie!!!

    My 15 m/o is just getting over a very very grabby, pinchy, bitey phase that began at 11 months. I think it had a lot to do with just being extremely excited to nurse in a"I can walk and move and be free AND I can STILL nurse!" kind of way.

    Holding her hand wasn't enough of a distraction and she took it as a restraint. So I started using nursing time to teach her how to high-five, name body parts (tickle toes, point to knees), and, best of all, how to sign for milk (open and close fist). I'd just make the sign and say milk over and over. It took her about 2 weeks to start making the sign herself while nursing and a month before she started to sign for nursing. I wouldn't say she has manners (ok, she's pretty feral) but she does sign and will wait maybe a minute or two before diving for my shirt in public.

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    Default Re: Pinching and teaching nursing manners 13 months

    Do you have a nursing necklace? That might offer your LO something to play with that isn't, you know, your skin.

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