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Thread: Spitting up entire feeding :(

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    Default Spitting up entire feeding :(

    Hey, all I am new to this forum and a new mommy to a little boy born on 6.11.13 Just celebrated his 4 week birthday!

    I have been exclusively breastfeeding for the past month and I had some questions regarding spitting up, and I wanted to come to a knowledgeable place on the web about BF that could offer me some encouragement and support.

    Every couple of days LO has a massive vomiting-- about 20 min-2 hours after a feeding. He empties the entire contents of his belly. I know they say "it looks like more than it really is" but truly, he spits up EVERYTHING he ate. It gushes out of him like a waterfall.

    He doesn't seem bothered by it and he doesn't cry right away either. He is very peaceful (that's actually how I know it's coming because he is so quiet). I've found that if he lies on his back that is what triggers it and it usually comes after he ate a very full breast. I try to keep him upright, I burp him, and I don't put pressure on his belly, but sometimes that's not enough. Yesterday he did it again and that was after a 2 hour nap he spit up everything!

    He is gaining weight (was 9 lbs 9 oz at birth, dropped to 9 lbs and now he is 11.5) and a happy baby, but after these spit up episodes, he is HUNGRY and my boobs are so empty because they were drained! He cries a lot and is hard to soothe because I think he wants more and I have nothing to give him.

    It's so stressful for me not only to see him upset, but to see all that milk everywhere

    What can I do to minimize this? I know that spitting up is normal, but it seems like I'm doing something wrong to have these massive vomiting episodes. Should I take more breaks when he eats? Burping techniques? Any advice appreciated...

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    Default Re: Spitting up entire feeding :(

    Welcome to the forum!

    Since your baby is gaining weight normally, and isn't too upset by these huge spit-up events, then this can be filed under "annoyance" rather than " health problem". It's not happening because you're doing something wrong. Spit-up is a normal part of infancy because the muscle sphincters that keep stomach contents down in the tummy are, like all of your baby's other muscles, weak. But, just like your baby's legs will eventually strengthen enough to support him in a stand and his arms will strengthen so that he can push himself up into a sitting position, eventually those gastroesophageal sphincters will be strong enough to hold his meals down where they belong.

    You're already doing a lot of the right things- keeping baby upright after feeding, working on burping, not putting pressure on his tummy. A few more things to try:
    - Reclined feedings, particularly when the breast is feeling full. Reclining enlists the aid of gravity to slow milk flow to the baby, which can result in a slower feeding, less air intake, and perhaps less over-all milk intake since the baby isn't getting flooded by a fast flow.
    - Burp baby in between breasts as well as after the feeding is over.
    - Don't be afraid to offer an "empty" breast after the baby has one of these vomiting events. The breast is never truly empty, and the baby will be able to get milk from you if you give him the opportunity. And any milk he extracts will help neutralize any stomach acid that came up with the giant spit-up.
    - If you're not reassured, try getting one of these events on video, and show that video to the pediatrician. He/she can reassure you as to whether or not this is normal.

    Are you pumping at all? And how would you say your supply is, over all?

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    Default Re: Spitting up entire feeding :(

    Thank you so much for your reply, mommal. Your tips are helpful...especially the reclined feeding. Hadn't thought of that.

    This video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrNljsFWQOs at :47 sec. (the kid in the orange bouncy chair) is about what he is puking. Very similar.

    When my milk was in, I pumped only once when he didn't empty one of my breasts and I HAD to get that milk out of there because it hurt. I decided to save and and freeze it. I was able to pump 4.5 oz and that was the first time that I had seen the milk come out of my boob to know exactly what was in there! (I wish they were see-through!)

    It seems like my supply is pretty good, but there will be times that he cluster eats (every 1.5 hours or so) and I feel totally empty...but like you said, I'm probably not, I just feel that way.

    Sometimes he does "pacify sucking" that this really hard on my nipples because they are quite sensitive. We weaned off the nipple shield 1 week ago, and I'm still adjusting to skin to skin BFing, but LO is so much happier because he is getting much more milk and it's much easier for him. The weaning process was actually baby-led.

    I would like to start pumping soon (I'm sure I'll start a thread for it when the time comes) because there is an event in August and it would be great if he could take a bottle by then (8 weeks old).

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    Default Re: Spitting up entire feeding :(

    Hmm, that kid in the orange bouncy seat has some pretty forceful puke. I'd almost call it projectile... I would definitely discuss this with the pediatrician, and show him/her the video you linked to. There's a rare condition called pyloric stenosis, the main symptom of which is projectile vomiting. It's more common in male infants, and generally shows up in the first few months of life. Again, this is a rare condition and most likely you just have a baby with forceful but not pathological puking!

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    LO's puke is not that forceful. His has one burst of force and then the rest spills out of his mouth, so I don't think he has that condition. I was using it more-so to show quantity.

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    Default Re: Spitting up entire feeding :(

    Oh, good! I'm glad to hear that. In that case, I wouldn't worry at all. Huge pukes and young babies... They just go together!

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