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Thread: Military Deployment :(

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    Oh it must be so hard. There are positives-you do have some warning, so you do have some time, time to give your baby the very best start in life, which is a lifetime gift, and time to wean somewhat gradually if you need to. And after all your hard work you are finally getting the opportunity to greatly improve your family’s financial future. While of course there are no guarantees and it takes a lot of effort, it IS possible in to re-lactate and bring a baby back to the breast, so the possibility of being able to nurse your baby again when you return IS there. It's a horrible, hard choice and of course being separated for so long is something no one would wish for any mother and baby. These impossibly hard choices are the worst part of parenthood I think!

    ps just saw mommal's posts-she makes good points!

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    Turtlegirl, I don't have any BF advice but wanted to offer you my moral support. You're in such a tough position.

    Just musing here, but is there any way to receive a medical-related exemption on the age criterion, either from your physician or your daughter's paediatrician? Another tack is if the training program has been in place for a long period of time for large numbers of trainees, I would assume that, statistically, at least one age exemption has been made. If so, I would want to understand the past cases and apply their conditions to my own advocacy for an exemption. I think it's worth a try because the stakes are high on both sides of the decision, and probably somewhat arbitrarily thanks to the policy.

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