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Thread: Difference in foremilk and hindmilk color

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    Default Difference in foremilk and hindmilk color

    Just wondering if you all can tell a differance in your foremilk and hind milk color and consistacy? I've been worring about my hindmilk and just now was squeezing some milk after a few hours after ds has fed and noticed it was almost clear unlike during the day when it is more white and he feeds more often, is it foremilk what I'm seeing now?

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    foremilk is more watery in color...hindmilk is thicker and creamier in color. when you put expressed breastmilk in the fridge, you'll see 2 layers of milk...the bottom is the foremilk (more watery...and could be bluish in color - depends on what you eat that day, i've heard)...the top layer (typically a thinner layer) is the thick, creamy (higher in fat content) hindmilk. because of this separation, you always want to swirl the milk before giving it to baby so that the hindmilk and the foremilk mixes together.

    also, less milk in the breast means that milk is higher in fat content. when your ds feeds often, he is emptying the breast a lot more...and the milk that he is getting is the hindmilk...which explains why it's whiter/creamier in color.

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