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Thread: Help with nursing7pumping to boost supply after a drop!

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    Default Help with nursing7pumping to boost supply after a drop!

    Hi there! I need to reorganize my sessions. My 8th months LO is thriving, yet I noticeda drop in supply these dys. She eays solids twice a day + nibbles, so i have lost count of my sessions. Isimply offer her a lot when we're together, and pump once or twice at work, and sometimes at home, also. The thing is: Some snack-at-thebreast sessions are really short. Do these short sessions count so asto reach my 10-a-day goal, and be on the safe side of my milk supply...Anyone has any ideas?
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    Default Re: Help with nursing7pumping to boost supply after a drop!

    How did you notice a drop in supply? How is baby's weight gain? Are you pumping less milk at work? How many hours a day do you work for? Most mothers have to pump every 3 hours (at least) at work, so for a full work day (8+ hours), that's usually three times in the day, at least.. Also, many mothers notice a "pump slump" around 8 or 9 months. Sometimes it's a matter of the pump wearing down, or needing new parts (such as valves and membranes), but sometimes it's just that the pump is not always as good at maintaining supply as nursing. In that case pumping more frequently can help.

    I wouldn't worry about the "snack-at-the-breast" sessions. Nursing is nursing! It's common for an 8 month old to be distractible and not nurse for very long, especially during the day. Often baby will make up for it by nursing more at night, so if you're concerned about short daytime sessions, be sure to be available for nighttime nursing (which is also good for pumping output, by the way). Offering a lot, as you're doing, is great!

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