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Thread: How to treat a popped milk blister

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    Hi, I am new here. I have a 4 week old daughter and have been stuggling with breast feeding. So happy to have found this website and forum. Anyway, I had a milk blister and clogged milk duct and was able to pop it by submerging my breast in a bowl of hot water and lots of massage. I'm just wondering how do I treat it now so that as it heals the skin doesn't grow back over and make another milk blister? Is it okay to continue to nurse on that breast? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Definitely continue to nurse on that breast. Not doing so sets you up for way worse problems than a blister- e.g plugged ducts, mastitis.

    Keeping the skin from regrowing isn't usually something you need to be all that proactive about. Usually it just doesn't regrow. Try varying your nursing position if you're concerned, as that will reduce any friction or pressure that caused the callous to form.

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