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Thread: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

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    Default Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    Couldn't find a more appropriate forum to post this. Just wondering if any of you have used milkies (milk savers?), silicon pads or cloth nursing pads and if you like them? I've been using disposable since the cloth I made myself has always leaked but I'm planning to try buying cloth ones and considering the silicon or milkies as well. They're both fairly expensive so I need to decide if they're worth it and which would be better for me.

    So what does everyone here use and also what do you use at night?


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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    I haven't tried Milkies but I have heard/read mixed reviews about the effectiveness of the design. By silicon do you mean like the Lilypadz? I haven't tried them but I've heard really good things about them ... downside being cost (they are on the pricy side) but they seem to work really well.

    I have tried a couple of the reusable cloth kinds. I preferred cloth to the disposables -- I find the disposables feel papery, bunch up like crazy (and can even be noisy when you're adjusting them to nurse), and feel a little rougher on the skin. That said I always kept a few in my diaper bag for "emergency" use, but tried to wear the cloth ones most of the time. Here's my experience:

    1) Bamboobies are super soft and comfortable (love the fleecy side against my skin), love them for overnight, but I am not crazy about the heart shape. I have tried them with the point up and the point down, and just find they wrinkle a bit either way. Also, I'm full figured in the chest (normally a C cup; nursing, more like E) and I can only imagine how much worse the wrinkling would be if I were smaller and there was less breast for the heart-shape to wrap around. However, if I wear them in a bra that has a thicker cup/lining, they show a lot less. But I have one bra that has a thinner lining and the bamboobies just look weird with it.

    2) TL Care cotton nursing pads: Got these because they were highly reviewed on amazon. Great at first, but they shrank up a bit in diameter after washing/drying and now they just feel thicker. Totally show thru any bra and shirt -- like a target circle around the nipple! Can only wear at home.

    3) The ones I like the best I bought at a local maternity/nursing boutique here in Austin where I live. They also sell online. Here's the link to the product info:
    ]You can also find them on Amazon but thru the third party seller. These are darted & contoured in a cup shape that hugs the breast (instead of folding around it). And they are relatively thin. Have never had issues with these showing thru, and I've even work them under fitted workout clothes.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    The milkies seem like a cool concept, but I haven't tried them.

    I use cloth, and have only used disposables a few times because I got a few freebies in one little package or another from stores/hospital. I like my cloth ones and find them comfortable, the only big drawback for me is they show through tops fairly easy. This could also be because I don't have proper bras (just nursing tanks).

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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    For everyday I use good cotton reusable pads and, if needed for serious leaking in the early days or the visibility of the pad outline, I would put a large diameter disposable over the cotton pad.

    I prefer a larger diameter cotton pads (they exist, I have a pair that was a gift) because they are not nearly as obvious in outline and I find them more comfortable and effective. but they can be hard to find.

    A big plus in my exp. for cloth over disposables is they are way easier to ‘reinsert’ when nip.

    Lilypadz may (some say) be problematic if a mom is prone to thrush or other issues due to nipples staying wet, because you may leak (or sweat) but the pad holds the moisture in, against you. Also their effectiveness in stopping escaped leaks varies from mom to mom. I DID leak with them, and the leak came out the bottom and ran under my breast. Yuck. I used them but only for special occasions when I needed something 'invisible' under my bra. I rarely nip with them. I think the care with which they have to be put on would make them a bit of a problem in that area possibly.

    Never used milkies. But I can see this being a useful product for mothers who leak a lot when nursing AND are needing to store lots of expressed milk.

    Many moms I know love thier wool pads.

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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    Oh the brand of cotton pad I like is Under the Nile. One site says they measure 6" in diameter. After months of washes in hot water and hot machine drying, mine are slightly elongated and measure 4.5 X 5 in diameter. Still much larger than the the ones I got in a 6 pack at babies R us which measure 3X4 after similar abuse. Under the Nile pads are thin (for a cotton pad) but effective as advertised in my experience.

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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    I had high hopes for the cloth pads but actually I hated them and went back to disposables (johnson and johnson) most of the time. The cloth would get wet right away and then feel cold and icky, especially the cheap Walmart ones but even the more expensive bamboo ones. I leak a lot, I think I am an extreme case. At 21 mo I still have milk still squirting out the other breast as she nurses

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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    I use disposables and the only ones that worked for me were the Lansinoh ones. They are pretty big, thin and did not show through clothing for the most part. A friend of mine had a bunch of different ones left over from her nursing days so I was able to try a few brands. I always changed them after pumping or nursing because if they got bunched up the sticky part didnt work as well.
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    Default Re: Milkies, silicon or cloth nursing pads

    I use Naturekins cloth nursing pads that are sized to your breast size. I leak a lot so I like that they have a super absorbent velour size and a leak proof wool outer layer so I don't end up with the wet rings.I found them on etsy Naturekins store.

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