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Thread: Pumping on the Vegas Strip

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    I will be away from my baby for 3 days while on a trip to Las Vegas. I plan to pump while away to maintain my supply. I know that many of the hotels have beautiful amenities, and would love to not have to go back to my room or find a bathroom stall to pump, but didn't have luck searching out specific nursing/pumping locations on their websites.

    Does anyone have any knowledge of comfortable places to pump on the Vegas strip (ideally with an outlet and just a little bit of privacy)? I am staying at the MGM Grand.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I have no idea about the Vegas strip. But my first question is always this: any chance of taking the baby with you?

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    Hi mama, my approach to this is always to call the place and ask. Because sometimes even if there is no specific lactation/pumping room, they can accommodate your request by setting aside an office, conference room etc. Those Vegas hotels are huge and it can take a long time to get back to your room to pump! (I attended a meeting at one of the hotels there and I did end up going back to my room - for that particular meeting it wasn't a big deal to skip some of the talks, and it was a short meeting - but walking back and forth probably doubled the time of my pumping break!)

    I have taken baby with me to one conference and that worked out really well, but it can be an expensive solution and may not be practical in every situation.

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    also, if you're there for a conference, sometimes the organization that runs the conference will have resources - like my professional conf always sets up a quiet/relaxation room that is nice to nurse in, and has been accommodating with a more private space when i needed to pump.
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    I was there for a few days when my son was 10mo. I actually did a lot of my pumping in the car with my battery pack. Since parking is free at all the casinos it wasn't a big deal to drive to wherever we wanted to go, even if it was just a couple of casinos down the strip, self park so I knew where the car was, then I would take a pump break in the car. I also didn't want to carry my pump around with me all day.
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