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    Hi! I'm a first time mom and new to this forum. I'm having some breastfeeding issues that I need help with. My daughter was born on May 18th. At the hospital and until recently she latched perfect and everything was perfect. I've always just feed from one breast per feeding, then switch breasts at the next feeding. When she was 2 weeks old I began to get engorged in one breast, only at night. So I would pump the engorged breast until it was about half empty (3-4oz). Still everything was going perfect.
    Over the past 2 weeks or so many different things have come up; I am pretty sure I have an oversupply, a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance, and forceful let down. My daughter has been spitting up, gagging, choking and coughing more and more, plus she has had green stools for 3 days now. She is also fussy and doesn't seem to be satisfied or comforted by breastfeeding. I have brought up some of these issues to her doctor and she doesn't seem too concerned, but it seems to gets worse each day. After doing research on La Leche League's website I started block feeding 2 nights ago and the only thing it has helped is bringing down the fussiness slightly and not as many green stools.
    2 nights ago when I started block feeding, I fed her from my right breast (the side that produces less milk but leaks more) all night and pumped from the left side twice when I was super engorged (first time 5oz and second 4oz). Yesterday was the first full day of block feeding, and she did well. I could just tell that she was getting the hindmilk from the way she was feeding and she would get "milk drunk" pretty much after every feeding, which hadn't happened in 2 weeks. She wasn't as cranky, fussy or spit up and gag so much. Last night I alternated breast and fed her all night from the left side and only pumped once when engorged(2oz). Well today she's back to gagging, spitting up, fussing a ton, and fighting with breast when I feed her(mostly from the left side).
    With all of that said, I have a few questions:
    1) How long does it take to balance out the foremilk and hindmilk?
    2) Am I doing the right thing?
    3) Could the problem be my left breast and not the right?
    I greatly need help. Thank you in advanced for the help and advice!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Evening out a large oversupply can be something that happens overnight, or it can take weeks. It all depends on the mom and how responsive her supply is to stimulation or lack thereof. Often the process is a "two steps forward, one step back" experience- you'll think you tamed your oversupply, only to have it reappear, although not quite as bad as it was before.

    It sounds like you are doing the right thing by block feeding. Green poops, gagging, coughing, able to pump a lot of milk with ease, feeling engorged/full pretty often- that's textbook oversupply. And when you block fed for a couple of days, baby was suddenly more content and having more yellow poops.

    Okay, gotta put my kids to bed, but I'll finish my thought later!

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    ...Okay, kids are in bed, at last!

    So, yes, the problem could be the left breast rather than the right. Or it could be more the left breast than the right- oversupply is usually a problem on both sides, at least to a certain extent. You said that the right makes less milk but leaks more- to me, that sounds like it is the less problematic side.

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