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Thread: Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

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    Default Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

    Okay, My LO is 3.5 actual (2 months adjusted).

    Our breastfeeding relationship has been a tough one, and maybe I am just not use to *doing* something for once.

    He was preemie and was fed BM through NG tube while we worked on breastfeeding. But we had to use nipple shields. He was fully fed from the breast at 2 weeks old (~35 weeks) with nipple shields. We had to use the shields until 5 weeks ago, or until he was 10 weeks (4 weeks adjusted).

    I had to go back to work just a week and a half after we got off the shields. Because he was learning to breastfeed without the shields, we didn’t even try bottles until 3 days before I had to go to work. We went through a series of bottles and ended up with breast aversion the first weekend (we used the shields to get him back to the breast, it worked but scary and stressful) and finally ended up with a bottle that he will take that doesn’t cause confusion. He only gets the Medela Calma now, because it is the only nipple that didn’t pour into his mouth, he HAD to suck to get it out. The problem is, he doesn’t like it much. I guess he reverse cycles, because he will only take 1-1.5 ounces from the bottle at a time, taking maybe 5-6 ounces in the 10 hours I am gone per day. He nurses like mad when I get home and we cosleep and he nurses several times at night, but not very long during the night.

    I just don’t feel happy with the situation. I think he should drink more during the day, he isn’t sleeping well and I think it is because he is not full. I don’t want faster flow bottle though because we have already had some breast refusal after bottle before.

    We tried cup feeding, it didn’t work out too well he kept trying to move his head toward the cup and latch on. He may be too old for being cup fed like that.

    I would like to try something alternative. I thought maybe a straw-sippy might work, because he would have to suck to get the liquid, but when he did suck, he would get enough flow to satisfy him. On the other hand, a lot comes out with a straw sippy, would it be too much for him at his age? A lot of sippys say 4mo+, and at 3.5mo he is close, but he is really developmentally behind that a bit.

    Am I just being crazy wanting to change something that seems to be working “okay”? I just don’t feel like what we are doing now is working that well, like we are just getting by? Will straws mess up my breastfeeding relationship?

    I want to move away from the bottle as soon as possible anyway, the nipples say to replace them at 3 months of use and I wasn’t going to buy new ones by that point I would like to be using a cup of some kind.

    Or am I just crazy and can't be happy not changing something?

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    Default Re: Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

    I can't speak to the sippy cup question, so I will let others jump in on that issue. But I can say, as far as the bottle issue goes - you sound like you're doing really well on that front. Just for some perspective I will tell you what our experience was -- we started trying the bottle with my LO at 6 wks old, and by the time I went back to work at 12 wks, he would accept 0.5 oz and we were thrilled he was even doing that much. For two months, he would take 2-3 ounces spread out over an 8-9 hr daycare day, and then reverse cycle at night. Yes, they wake up more often to get those nightime calories -- but when you look at the 24 hour picture, they are getting all their needs met. We coslept to make it work, and while the frequent night waking wasn't ideal for me, it was survivable and short term. He continued to gain and hit his milestones and was a happy baby. And then one day, he just changed his mind and finished all his bottles. My point is just that they change so often and so quickly, that even if something isn't ideal at the moment, it won't be long before your baby turns a corner and never looks back. It's not crazy to be open minded to try something new, but it's also not worth stressing a lot over something that they might outgrow really soon too. (I say that with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight -- when I was leaving my LO at daycare knowing he'd only eat half an ounce every two hours, I can assure you I was NOT quite so zen about it! but it was a good lesson to learn, and made me more laid back about other things later.) Keep your head up mama - even if you have a reverse cycle baby for a little while, it will be OK!

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    Default Re: Am I being too worried? EBM/Bottle/Sippy question

    I am worried most about his sleep I guess, he practically barely sleeps during the 10 hour day while I am gone. Then all he does is eat and sleep when I get back, presumably because he is getting full of milk. It's not the end of the world, but he needs his sleep to grow and develop.

    Also, since I plan to move him on to cups and off bottles in 6-8 weeks anyway, I guess it wouldn't hurt to try it? I will just probably wait until next weekend to try, I don't like offering other things besides the breast during the week since I know he doesn't eat well during the day.

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