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Thread: how long should baby go at night?

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    Question how long should baby go at night?

    Hey all! My little one is 5.5 months old and has started sleeping for 7-9 hours at night without nursing. He has only done it the last three nights, so it could change in a heartbeat but for now I'm concerned that he is going too long without eating. He is a big chunky boy and I don't want him to miss meals and be hungry. How long should i let him go without eating? Thanks in advance!

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    As long as baby is gaining well and still nursing frequently overall, I doubt this is any concern at this age. Maybe if baby were getting a pacifier at night or sleeping really far from mom, missing feeding session MIGHT be in concern... but again probably not with a healthy weight baby who is almost 6 months old. I suspect if he gets hungry he will wake up and let you know! Baby may nurse more during the day, that is fine. Enjoy it because yes it can and probably will change! Cute pic btw!

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    If your baby keeps on consistently giving you such long stretches of sleep, be alert for the return of your menstrual cycle. Many moms find that their fertility returns around the time baby starts sleeping through the night. So if you have been relying on breastfeeding for birth control, now is probably the time to think about a backup method.

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