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Thread: Feeding my 4 Month Old

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    Default Feeding my 4 Month Old

    I am going to try really hard to organize my questions so I'm notrambling too much!

    1) I used to have to suppliment with formula. Well, I THOUGHT I needed to. He was only drinking 2-8 oz of formula a day. His pediatrician thought I'd be able to just cut out the formula supplimenting and put him at the breast more often. I did that and now LO refuses to drink from a bottle, which is great for my supply I would think.....however- how do I know he's getting enough? Aside from having to stalk his diapers -- can a happy baby= a well fed baby? Or do babies who aren't getting adequate milk still be happy...

    2) How often should a 4 month old be eating? I offer the breast whenever he gets fussy and I've run out of "tricks". So- he is nursing probably every hour to two hours. Is that too much or just enough?

    3) In nursing positions we do the cradle hold- it's most comfortable for me and him I think. Or the side laying position which is BOTH OF OUR FAVORITES but inconvenient when you're in public During sitting up nursing though he gets fussy sometimes... he pulls off and starts crying or he'll start turning his head inward (toward my arm crease) over and over again and crying. Sometimes we get a full feed without this, sometimes we don't. I've noticed when he pulls off- my milk shoots. Forcefull let down?

    4) How do you know you have Thrush? I don't have insurance for myself- but I have dry itchy spots on the outside of my aerola(sp?) however- LO has not had any symptoms I can SEE ...no white in mouth, etc. He goes to the doc Wed for his shots, I'll ask then if he has it but- for myself- what else can cause it? It's itchy I have sensitive skin AND eczema- could it just be the product of his saliva making me itch?

    I think thats it.

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    Default Re: Feeding my 4 Month Old

    Hi mama!

    1) The two ways to tell whether baby is getting enough milk is diapers and weight gain. If weight gain is good, he's getting enough.

    2) You can't nurse "too much," because you can't overfeed a baby at the breast. One of the many beauties of breastfeeding! It sounds like you're doing great. Offer frequently; if he doesn't want to nurse, he won't.

    3) Sometimes mamas with overactive letdown do find that baby prefers the side-lying position. If you're in public and can't side-lie, you might want to try a more reclined nursing position (for example, if you want to nurse in the car with the seat tilted back). Here's a picture: http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfeeding.pdf

    4) I'm not sure about your itchy spots. Here are some links from Kelly Mom on thrush: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/child/thrush-resources/.

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    Default Re: Feeding my 4 Month Old

    with the PP's excellent advice!

    Happy baby who is growing and making the right number of wet/poopy diapers (and poopy diapers in a baby who is >6 weeks old can be as many as several per day or as few as one per week) = a baby who is getting plenty to eat. Nursing every 2 hours or even more frequently is entirely normal.

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