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Thread: headng to ER have a quick question

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    Default headng to ER have a quick question

    Daughter is having diarrhea and loss of appetite. Is there any way that my milk could be responsible...?
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    Default Re: headng to ER have a quick question

    Whatever it is, it's not your milk. 99% likely it's some sort of viral or bacterial bug.

    Sorry the baby is sick, mama. If you're advised to discontinue breastfeeding or to feed the baby Pedialyte instead of breastmilk, feel free to ignore that advice. Breastmilk is considered a "clear liquid", like Pedialyte, but it contains more nutrition than Pedialyte, and breastfeeding itself is very comforting to a sick baby.

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    Default Re: headng to ER have a quick question

    kellymom has a good article on this. http://kellymom.com/bf/can-i-breastf.../baby-illness/ Even if YOU are also sick your milk is in all likelyhood fine. If you get a hard time about bm ask if the hosp. has an ibclc on staff who 'should' be able to back you up. I hope your daughter is ok!

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