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Thread: Uva ursi topically?

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    Default Uva ursi topically?

    This is a very specific question, but I'm hoping someone will know! I have really bad skin problems on my hands, and someone recommended this cream to me:
    However, I noticed that it has uva ursi in it, which I know is generally contraindicated during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Does anyone know if it's OK topically rather than internally - or more generally, can herbs that you shouldn't take orally during breastfeeding be OK in small amounts on your skin, since so much less is absorbed?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Uva ursi topically?

    This is a great question! I also was concerned about medications/herbs when I was breastfeeding.
    I used to ask my pediatrician and my ob/gyn. I have seen other mothers post about a website called infantrisk that has a lot of specific information about drugs/herbs.
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    Default Re: Uva ursi topically?

    Thank you! Infantrisk doesn't list it; LactMed does, but with very little info. Basically "not enough info known at this time"!

    Maybe I'll ask my midwife. Thanks again!

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