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Thread: Burning sensation and shooting pain in nipple?

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    Default Burning sensation and shooting pain in nipple?

    Hi all,

    My little one is 4 months and exclusively breastfed. Starting yesterday I have been feeling a burning sensation and shooting pain in my left nipple. It doesn't happen on my right. He also seems to have lots more gas than usual and has been pretty fussy - could correspond with teething, but isn't this a sign of thrush?

    My pediatrician said he didn't think it was thrush in my son at least- how to I treat it myself if it is what I have? How fast will it get better? Don't both the mother and child have to be treated, to avoid passing it back and forth? Is it something else?


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    Default Re: Burning sensation and shooting pain in nipple?

    Yes it could be thrush, although it is slightly odd it's only on one side. Yes the suggestion from every breastfeeding expert is that thrush be treated in both mom and baby simultaneously even if baby has no symptoms.

    Watch latch carefully to rule out damage from that, here is an online thrush protocol. http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/conte...agename=doc-CP You don't need to follow it exactly, this is just a guideline and offers several treatment options. You could also talk to a IBCLC.

    As far as how long it takes to go away-this varies for many reasons. But very basically, if you have thrush and you start treatment, the treatment you start should start obviously working within 4-7 days. If it does not, either you need a different treatment or it is not thrush. We have had lots of thrush talk the last few days! SO i ma sure moms who have btdt will have suggestions.

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    Default Re: Burning sensation and shooting pain in nipple?

    with LLLMeg.

    Since this popped up so suddenly and is only on one side, check out this link on nipple blebs/blisters: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplebleb/. They don't usually cause a "burning" pain, but they do generally occur on just one side at a time and the pain is confined to the nipple.

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