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Thread: Desperate!! Nursing my 10 mos old = PAIN!!!

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    Unhappy Desperate!! Nursing my 10 mos old = PAIN!!!

    I am absolutely desperate and I have no idea what to do.

    About 3 weeks ago, my daughter (10 months) bit my nipple incredibly hard. Since then, there has been about a 4-5mm gash that absolutely will not heal. It is her favorite breast... and without it, she gets incredibly fussy. I try keeping lanolin in it, in the hopes it will repair itself and I also try keeping her away from it - until either her or my breast can no longer stand the separation. And when I allow her to have it - - I have never even imagined the level of pain. I cry involuntarily, which is embarrassing and I grit my teeth. It's a searing, burning pain.

    Lately, I have also noticed that the other side is getting sore too. That side is not injured, but it makes me wonder if dd is just getting rougher along with her mouth full of new teeth.

    I asked my lactation consultant and she recommended coconut oil instead of lanolin. This did absolutely nothing.

    Does anyone have any ideas about how I can remedy my poor, maimed breast? Is this a sign that she should be weaning? I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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    Default Re: Desperate!! Nursing my 10 mos old = PAIN!!!

    Not a sign that she should be weaning, but OUCH!! I can see why you'd want to.

    So, I think you need to a) get the gash healed, and b) assess whether something else is now going on too. Other side getting sore makes me wonder. It could just be a teething latch that's uncomfortable, that happens. Or it could be thrush or something else?

    Did your LC have anything else to add besides coconut oil? Did she have suggestions for healing?

    Are you giving it lots of time in the open air, no bra/shirt? Have you seen any signs of healing at all? Is there milk or blood seeping out of it?
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    Default Re: Desperate!! Nursing my 10 mos old = PAIN!!!

    Oh ouch! Sorry mama!

    When my baby (now 11 months) bit me bad a couple months ago, the only way I could nurse without pain while it healed was to change nursing position dramatically. I explain what I did here: http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...g-under-nipple

    Besides changing nursing position I did not do anything to the injured area. This was not a conscious choice, there was just no way I wanted to touch the area it hurt so much! I could see it was healing so I left it alone. I might have rubbed a little leaking breastmilk on it once or twice.

    Sore nipples with older babies may have to do with needing to find a position that allows the now bigger, longer baby to latch without a tucked chin. Some positions that may help 1) Side lying 2) laid back with baby straddling your leg, legs “dangling” down between your legs, or angled across your body, 3) whatever your fave position is but taking care to "stretch" baby out so baby's head is tilted slightly back when latching and nursing, so baby is not curled up or tucking chin.

    Also we tend to not worry about latch much when older baby can get on themselves so easily. So just going back to latch basics and taking care with latch and gently taking baby of the breast if baby gets too acrobatic at the breast may help.

    More in this article: http://kellymom.com/ages/older-infant/biting/

    these are good articles about healing damaged nipple/areola: http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/nipplehealing/


    And no I do not think biting is a sign your baby should be weaining, that is one of those breastfeeding myths. My oldest child got teeth and bit me a couple times at 4 months of age, long before he was even starting solid foods! Some kids bite, some never do, sometimes the bite is bad like you and I experienced, but much more often it is owie at the time but not damaging. Even when a baby bites "on purpose" they have no understanding that what they do causes mom pain.

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