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Thread: Slow weight gain more solids?

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    Exclamation Slow weight gain more solids?

    Hey everyone!... Im new here and in dire need of some advice. And I thought what better place to get it but LLL? Here the deal my LO gained weight perfectly until about 4 months then it slowed. She is 6 months now.versus hr weight gain...

    Birth 6lbs3oz
    1 7 lbs 11oz
    2 9 lbs 11 oz
    3 11lbs
    4 11lbs12oz
    5 12lbs 2 oz
    6 12lbs 12oz

    The pediatrician sad because of slow weight gain I need to up her solid intake to 5 times a day. I have been giving her twice a day. Also se said BEFORE breastfeeding which she repeated 3 times.

    I was under the impression it should be after and maximum 2 times a day.

    She says if she doesn't gain as much as she hopes (550-600grams by aug 20) then well have o add a supplement.

    My husband is crazy saying we have to follow docs orders bu im skeptic... any advice would be helpful. Thanks so much!

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    Can you find another pediatrician, one that has a better understanding of breastfeeding? breast milk has more calories and nutrition than any other food. Before one year foods is just for fun and play to get baby used to it. Nursing before solids is always recommended at this age, after one its up to you. According to the WHO, babies should gain (on average) 3.25-4.5 oz during months 4-6. You're only missing that by 1.5. So if baby is growing in length and head circumfrence and meeting all other milestones, I wouldn't worry. Have you double checked that your ped is using the WHO charts for breastfed babies and not the CDC charts?

    Ps I pulled out ds's book and looked at his exact numbers. He gained 19 oz between 4 and 6 mo. I think it was at the 6 month appointment when he dropped from the 95th to the 60 th percentile. My doc did not even blink at these numbers. Ds is incredibly healthy!

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain more solids?

    Has baby always been weighed in the nude on the same scale? And how often does baby nurse? Is she being fed on demand, or on a schedule, and if so, what is her schedule?

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    Default Re: Slow weight gain more solids?

    I second the advice to find a more supportive doctor. I wish I had our current pediatrician for my first child because I never would have been pressured to supplement. My son, who is my second child, fell from the 90th percentile at birth to the 20th percentile by six months and our doctor didn't blink an eye. I panicked and came to this forum seeking reassurance, but our doctor in fact encouraged me to keep nursing and not to supplement since baby was likely finding his own ideal growth curve. My husband and I are not big people but both my children have been 9+ pounds at birth and then never followed that curve.

    As for solids, they don't add any substantive value to an infant's nutrition. All of the necessary elements (minus, perhaps, adequate Vit. D) are found in mom's milk. My son is 7 months and doesn't love solids. Pears and oatmeal mixed with breastmilk he enjoys; everything else is gag-inducing. We don't force the issue because we know he doesn't need the solid food at this stage of his development. We continue to offer. He gags. And we move on with our day.

    If your baby is meeting her milestones, if she is fed on demand and seems happy and otherwise content, I would suggest that you thank your pediatrician for his/her advice, continue doing what feels comfortable to you, and possibly shop for another healthcare provider.

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