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Thread: nursing break

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    The saltwater tip is a good one. Have you tried swaddling baby before latching her on? That can help with the flailing and thrashing.

    It's never too late for a baby to relearn how to nurse! Just hang in there.

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    Thanks for the salt water tip. Its the only differant thing I have heed doing and feel a bit better. It still hurts a lot but I can tolerate it better. I am also swaddling when she gets crazy and it helps. Any tips to get a deeper latch? I feel like she cant open her mouth wide enough. I do the sandwich and sometimes help her lips to get a better latch. Her mouth is more of an oval when she opens and I cant fit enough inside.


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    I just wanted to add that I had cracked and bleeding nipples for around 2 months. They would get a bit better then crack again. It was in part due to poor latch which we were continuing to work on and in part because I had injured my nipples so much at first that it just took a long time to heal. Leaving them open to air all the time helped. This was not easy since I was constantly dripping (well actually pouring) milk all over the house. I ended up wearing a bathrobe that would catch the drips and just leaving the top open. Not the most comfortable, but it did help. I was so upset that things weren't going well and the pain was bad. However, I was sooo happy that I persisted. I made it through to the other side and gained an amazing nursing relationship. Nursing has been a joy since partway through the second month. She is now 17 months and still going strong. For so many reasons I was glad I stuck it out, but I truly thought I would never heal.
    To be honest- the initial injury was so severe that my nipples will never be the same. I have major scars, but they don't ever hurt from nursing anymore. Hang in there and I send you my best. Good luck!

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