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Thread: Feeling guilty about OS

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    Is there any kind of public health office near you? They might have a free breastfeeding clinic that might be able to give you some support, or maybe direct you to an LC that might be willing to do a payment plan? But I really think that if you give it time, especially avoiding pumping and bottles, that your supply will regulate and your LO will figure out how to deal with the milk without clamping down. When I had so much pain at the beginning, my husband too suggested that I 'just pump' and give her a bottle instead, but the pump is really no fun and so much more work!

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    I am sorry your DH suggested that you could "just EP". I am sorry, but there's no such thing as "just" EP. The work involved is immense when compared to breastfeeding. It's as if your husband said "Instead of walking on your feet, which is difficult right now, you could simply walk on your hands. For an entire year."

    You are doing single-sided feedings, and that will eventually decrease supply. Have you tried doing longer blocks (I.e. more than one feeding in a row on the same breast)? The fuller you let the unused side get, the more likely it is that your body will get the message that too much milk is being produced, which should lead to a more rapid reduction in supply.

    You do have to be patient when it comes to getting a persistent oversupply to calm down. It's not going to go away overnight. Give block feeding a few weeks to take effect. Ad maybe try drinking some sage or peppermint tea? Those are oth supposed to be good for reducing supply.

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    Spit up is normal. It does not hurt anyone. What is NOT normal in the biological sense is feeding a baby with anything but your breasts! Bottle feeding has real consequences. If you think seeing an IBCLC (and that is who you should see if your baby has any breastfeeding issues in my opinion) is expensive, try on the cost of orthodontia treatment due to malformation of the oral cavity caused by bottle feeding.

    Have you tried all the other ideas in the articles I sent for helping baby handle the fast flow? nursing very frequently? Yes this helps. I know you think frequent feedings caused the op but whether or not that is the case, it is well understood that frequent nursing on one side at a time for as long or short as baby likes, really helps lessen the fast flow and allows baby to get both hindmilk anf formilk in proper balamce.

    What about catching the letdown in a cloth and putting baby back on? nursing reclined, etc? They do work. One sided feeding does work. Try to be patient.
    If you have to 'really' block feed ok but be sure to do the other things to help baby handle the flow first and as well. This is very important.

    Just ep. Sigh. I am sure your husband is really concerned about your baby, as you are. But he cannot possibly understand how unbelievably hard eping usually is. Eping is so hard few mothers can maintain it for long, so breastmilk feeding duration is cut way down, a serious health concern.

    I really want to caution again that your baby is only 3 weeks old and may have milk transfer issues. Taking drastic steps to reduce production at this point should be approached with caution. But this again would be something to discuss with an IBCLC.
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