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Thread: WOW, we made it, but still have concerns...!

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    Default WOW, we made it, but still have concerns...!

    Hi mamas,
    I have graduated to the "big girl" forum! DD is now 13 months old and still loves nursing

    Anyway, new issue is that she hates breastmilk from a bottle. Her pediatrician is not concerned (DD is 20lbs, 25% for weight, which makes me worried but we have a great pediatrician who is pretty laidback compared to others). She did suggest to try almond milk because I am not convinced that toddlers should be drinking a ton of cow's milk all of the time. We did try cow's milk and she didn't like it.

    She loves yogurt and cheese, but just prefers to have water in her cup while I am gone at work every day. Is this much water (usually between meals) ok??? I am pumping once a day at work, but I am considering dropping that last pumping session if she just doesn't want her bottle...

    We have tried BM in her sippy, in a big girl cup, tried letting her bottlefeed herself, she just doesn't want it!! But when I get home, the first thing we do is nurse for at least 5 min.

    I let her nurse as much as she wants while I'm home and on weekends. She has also upped her solids intake, so it makes me a bit less worried. My biggest concern is making sure she is getting the calcium and protein she needs. We are planning on buying organic almond milk for her to try out this weekend.

    Please let me know your thoughts, and thanks so much.

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    Default Re: WOW, we made it, but still have concerns...!

    Hi Amber, the rule of thumb is that if your LO is nursing 3-5 times per day, additional dairy isn't necessary. If that's the case, drinking water during the day is fine. If you don't think she's getting quite enough, you can add in other dairy with yogurt, cheese or milk. Sounds like she doesn't like the milk right now (that's often the case at first) but if she's happily eating yogurt and cheese and doing lots of nursing when you're together, you should be fine. Personally I stopped pumping at a year with all three of my kids. If she's not even drinking the expressed milk no point in continuing pumping - and lots of moms stop pumping at a year regardless. Congrats on over a year of nursing!

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    Default Re: WOW, we made it, but still have concerns...!

    with the PP.

    Great job, mama!

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