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Thread: Breastfeeding, miscarraige and return of periods

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    Default Breastfeeding, miscarraige and return of periods

    I wonder if someone could please advise.

    I am breastfeeding my nearly 2 year old. He currently feeds about 15 min morning, 15 min evening then perhaps a short feed before afternoon nap and sometimes a quick one if I sit down for a cup of tea at 10am. My periods returned the end of January (he was 18 months old) and i'd had a couple of long cycles and a couple of regular ones when I became pregnant. Unfortunately I miscarried at about 7 weeks. It is just over 2 weeks since I started to miscarry and I have not yet ovulated. I was wondering how much the breastfeeding will affect when I ovulate? I am gradually winding down but was happy to let things decrease gradually rather than stopping suddenly. I may not conceive again anyway, I am a bit old. I just worry if I stopped my son breastfeeding that I deprive him of that bit of comfort that we enjoy.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding, miscarraige and return of periods

    Hi mama. I am so sorry for your loss. Since your fertility returned and you did get pregnant while nursing, I do not think that nursing is going to interfere with you ovulating and getting pregnant again. My friend just had a miscarriage about two weeks ago as well and her doctor said that sometimes it takes up to 6 weeks for your period to return. It depends on when your hormones return to zero. I know that when I had a miscarriage, I did end up having my period almost exactly a month after. Have you talked to your doctor about this yet?

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding, miscarraige and return of periods

    What the PP said.

    So sorry about the miscarriage, mama.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. I did not ovulate before having another period after my miscarriages but I had period-like bleeding about a month after the actual miscarriage/passing the baby.
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