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Thread: Breastfeeding and Tubal....

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    Default Breastfeeding and Tubal....

    I have been BFing for almost 14 months now. I had a Tubal during a C-Section, every since I had the Tubal done I have noticed some significant changes with my body. I've had longer and heavier cycles. They are EXTREMELY painful now, tenderness of the breast, headaches, weight gain, and the list goes on for days. I was wondering if any other woman has had any changes like mine or if I'm alone in this? Or could it simply be because I'm breastfeeding? Please ladies, any info would be helpful! Thanks!
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    I remember when I was thinking about getting a tubal done that I read about some of those things as side effects. Especially the longer and heavier cycles... But, I have also noticed that I have longer and heavier cycles now than I ever did before. I have a copper IUD, so it may be that - or it may be age. Have you talked to your doctor?

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    Time to talk to the doc. Make sure you get your thyroid hormone levels tested, since thryoid problems can cause long and/or heavy cycles, weight gain, and headaches, among the many, many potential symptoms. Thyroid problems are really common in postpartum women.

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