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    I'm a newbie here so sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times although I haven't seen a recent post about it. I would like to purchase a nice breast pump that I will be using only at home and I've heard the Medela are best. Can you recommend a good electric pump. Thanks!

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    How often are you going to need to pump? The pump you need is going to vary a lot based on how often you need to use it. A mom who is exclusively pumping might do best with a hospital-grade rental pump, a mom who is working full-time might need something like a Medela Pump in Style, a mom who works part-time might do just fine with an Ameda Purely Yours, and a mom who is staying home with her baby and only pumping the occasional bottle for a sitter might be okay with a manual pump.

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    I wrote an extensive comparison of the Medela Freestyle vs Pump in Style Advanced, in case you're considering each of those.

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    I like my Medela Advanced Personal Double, if you have not already, call your insurance and see if they cover a breast pump and if so call a distributor they allow and ask what your choices are.

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    If I were going to be pumping again, I would get a Hygiea (sp??). They can be used by another person when you are done with it. But yes, Alza84 is right - check with your insurance provider!!

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    I used to rent a Medela Symphony and I tried the Dr. Brown's Simplisse because they do offer a money back guarantee (I didn't want to be out a lot of money on an unreturnable product) and I love it. It works on nipple and areola stimulation instead of vacuum pumping your nipples and it is simply fabulous. I got more output (after about 2 days of getting slightly less, they say there is an adjustment period) with it than I did the Symphony. No more sore nipples either. And it's cheaper than the Medelas. I simply love it, I use to dread pumping but now not bad at all!

    I pump at work during the week for my baby, I work full time.

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