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Thread: Food intolerances, nutritionists help?

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    Default Food intolerances, nutritionists help?

    I posted this in the allergies secion as well: Let me preface this with, im on my cell and bouncing daughter in my arms on exercise ball so i apologize for errors.
    So we decided to stop breastfeeding daughter one week ago (she is 8 weeks old), and start her on amino acid based formula- I did food trails was overwhelmed extremely hungry, depressed, and not able to care for 22 month as much as I needed. She was like a new baby after a few days but now getting gassy fussy and spitting up a whole lot. If she is not a whole lot better then I see no reason not to breastfeed my supply is down a lot however I am confident I can get it up. I just know I can't go at this alone without help and guidance with foods for me- she had blood in her stool multiple times when dr tested it and it seemed the more I cut out or tried the recommended foods to trail she would react more and more and then point I have in was when she had visible blood when I was eating lamb, turkey and white potatoes. She is very intolerant to grains (yes millet and rice too- very much so) and I just don't know where to even begin. I put dairy soy and wheat back in diet when I stopped breastfeeding her so if I begin again anytime soon she will be exposed to that too. Does anyone have helpful advice or know of a lactation & allergen knowledgable nutritionist that could help me in this situation and will work through Internet or phone?

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    Default Re: Food intolerances, nutritionists help?

    Hi Alza84. It is very frustrating and upsetting when a baby has food intolerances!

    I would suggest you read this for more on signs of allergy and an approach to suspected food sensitivity in a breastfed baby. http://www.bfmed.org/Media/Files/Pro...ish_120211.pdf

    Blood in stool and overt fussiness are signs of allergy but can also indicate other issues that have nothing to do with mothers diet, forceful letdown, for example, which would also appear to be 'cured' by bottle feeding. Or it can be normal. Also even when allergy is suspected, continuing breastfeeding as the mom adjusts her diet in a common sense process that does not leave her with nothing to eat is the recommendation. So your plan to resume nursing makes sense.

    I am not sure if baby is nursing now or not? Do you want info on getting baby back to the breast, increasing supply?

    Any LLL Leader will do help calls. But they might not have the expertise you are looking for. Can you not see an IBCLC in person? Many do home visits. I have heard talk of some folks using Skype (no, no one I can name) but in most cases they want to see baby and mom in person if possible. Here is an IBCLC lookup fyi. http://www.ilca.org/i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=3432 Maybe if you contact these folks they can help you find an IBCLC who will work remotely with you. http://www.iblce.org/ I can't help with nutritionist sorry!

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    Default Re: Food intolerances, nutritionists help?

    Are you seeing an allergist? If not, I think your first step should be getting a referral to an allergist. From there, they can refer you to a nutritionist and it should be at least partly covered by your insurance. I went through this with my son, the nutritionist was very helpful, though at that point it was more about how to get *him* fed and no longer about my diet. If there are any breastfeeding groups in your area you might ask there if anyone has had luck with a nutritionist. There is also the forum at KWFA (kids with food allergies) where you might get some help or some recommendations.

    Were there other symptoms aside from the bloody stools?
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