My son is 3 months and I've had issues with low supply since the beginning. I got pregnant through IVF, so we're thinking my infertility could be the reason for my low supply. I've gone to a lactation consultant and we tried for a while to boost my supply with breast feeding and pumping and More Milk Plus. I was only able to increase it slightly.

I have since then gone back to work and pump there. I only get about a 1oz per breast per pump session at work, which I can only do twice a day. When I'm home in the evening and till the next morning, I feed him at least 6 times. (with about 2 - 3 formula bottles) I have also since then gotten my period, which thankfully hasn't really effected my already low supply.

I'm really wanting to try increasing my supply even just a little would be awesome, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Should I try a power pump weekend? Taking More Milk Plus again? Baking Lactation cookies even? Anything else you gals would recommend?

Thank you!!