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Thread: Thanks for the support!

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    I just wanted to check in and say thank you for the support of these forums. It got me through the past 21 weeks (but who's counting...) of fighting through breastfeeding, constantly thinking of how to just let go of my hopes of nursing my son. I had bloody nipples, three rounds of mastitis and thrush. I am still dealing with the thrush, but it seems to be at bay...not such intense pain as before. So if it helps anyone else struggling, I just want say you CAN do it! Some of these problems are really nasty and I know how awful it is to be in constant pain while caring for a baby. But let me tell you, it is such a reward to suddenly realize you made it to the other side! I'm kind of rambling (I've got time...I'm just sitting here feeding the baby but I just wanted to again say thanks for encouragment event when I didn't want it!

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    Thanks so much for the update madchen66. Sending you thrush free thoughts!

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    Thanks for the sweet feedback, mama! I also hope there's a thrush-free future for you, hopefully just around the corner!

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