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Thread: Sucking to soothe?

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    Hi Mama, reading your post is like taking a trip down memory lane! I started posting here when my baby was non-stop nursing. She'd cluster feed from 3 in the afternoon till midnight. There were times I thought I'd go crazy. In retrospect, I miss the TV, I miss the couch, and I especially miss the cuddles.

    One thing about the paci:
    Deciding to give it can be a source of stress. We tried at 6 weeks and the kid just spit it out. She never ever took one. Out went the thought "I'll get some relief if she'd just take one."

    Please do invest in a wrap, sling, or carrier like the Ergo with an infant insert. They can be awkward at first but they really are amazing: you're hands free while the baby has the comfort and closeness they need. I try not to regret much (we're moms, we have a lifetime to feel bad) but I do regret waiting so long to figure out how to nurse in a wrap -- and by a long time I mean 6 weeks. It really did take a lot of the anxiety and stress away from non-stop holding and nursing.
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    Thanks!!!! He's gotten better. Have a sling and he only wants to be held around noon during the day. Sanity restored!

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