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Thread: Frenulum clipping

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    Unhappy Frenulum clipping

    Lo is now almost 3 weeks. Bfing as been a challenge from day 1. He was a little early (37 weeks) and a little "lazy" at the boob (kept on falling asleep). He kept on latching on, suckled two or three times, then let go and screamed and/or fell asleep. My nipples were a little flat (and by the second day they were cracked and bleeding) and he's a little tt so the lc at my hospital told me to use a shield. However, the shield is giving him gas (and it's so messy). He also has bad reflux (he's on prevacid now). Despite all that, he's gained weight and is on track.

    I was able to wean him off the shield last week and had a couple of days of bfing without it.
    However, for the past two days, he's been pinching/biting so hard that I can't take it any more. I always end up screaming and crying and this is not what I think bfing should be. I know bfing can be hard but it should never feel like torture. I've come a long way and I've pushed through the pain so far... I don't want to give up but I don't know what to do.

    He's getting his frenulum clipped tomorrow but a lc online told me I might need to take him to a speech pathologist so he can give me some oral rehab exercises to do. Well, I don't really have the money to see all those specialists (the C section surgery was expensive enough as it is).
    Any advice on what to do about the clamping? Can I teach a 3 week-old baby how not to bite (he does seem to take in more than the nipple, he also takes in my aureola so the latch "looks" good from the outside)? Can someone give me some age-appropriate exercises I can do after his frenulum gets clipped tomorrow to improve his latch?

    I had to give him some expressed milk in a bottle last night because I was literally shaking (and crying) at the idea of having to bf him and I pumped, but I don't want to have to do that all the time. I also went back to the nipple shield this morning as it seems to help a little with the pain (barely bearable). Please help me. I don't want to give up bfing...

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    I also read about oversupply and the "symptoms" are very much like my lo's. How can I know if I have an oversupply? I didn't think I did but I have no idea.
    Last night, when I pumped without nursing, I got about 2.2oz of bm from each breast (so a total of about 4.5 oz) in about 20 minutes. Is that normal? (LO is 3 weeks old).

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    I will post an article about oversupply. Please do NOT block feed yet though even if you think you do have os. Try the other ideas for helping baby handle the flow. OS is NOT a health concern except if it is harming breastfeeding. It is too early to be trying to reduce milk production especially if your baby has tongue tie or latch issues which would interfere with milk transfer.

    Who is clipping your babies tongue? They should give you follow up care which would include explanations of the recommended exercises. If you were going to see a different specialist post tongue tie, I would see an IBCLC experienced in tt treatment and sucking skills, not a speech therapist, unless the speech therapist is very familiar in the treating of tongue tie for BREASTFEEDING issues rather than speech issues. Have you talked yo any breastfeeding support people in your area? Sometimes there are low or no cost options. No insurance? Even out of pocket an IBCLC is not a fortune -about $100-$200 per consult and that means 90 minutes at least of concentrated hands on care, and you would probably only need to see her once.
    There really is not a better bargain in health care. See this for more about IBCLC appts. http://cwgenna.com/lconsult.html

    os/ffld http://kellymom.com/bf/got-milk/supp.../fast-letdown/

    the dark side of block feeding http://cwgenna.com/blockfeeding.html

    info on tongue tie http://cwgenna.com/quickhelp.html

    care after tt treatment http://kiddsteeth.com/dental_topics....feeding_health

    weak suck after frenotomy http://cwgenna.com/postfren.html
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    What you pump (4 ounces) per session is maybe a little high. But it is hard to tell anything by pump output.

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    One of my girls had her frenulum clipped and before that I thought she was biting me too. Actually it was her latch. And it got better after the frenulum was clipped but I still saw a lactation consultant because her latch was still not right. Now it's so much better and I have no pain.

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