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    Good morning! So, my 7 month old just started biting me this past Thursday. Out of nowhere she clamped down. Of course I said "ouch!" and I thought for a split second she was gonna start crying....but no, she got off and started laughing. She has done this at least once per day and has no preference on which breast and everytime I say ouch she laughs or smiles. It is super cute to see her giggle and smile but not at my expense....it hurts! Luckily her teeth have not come in, but I'm a little afraid of when they do. Is this normal, a phase, will it pass? Is there anything I can do to prevent before her teeth come in?

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    It is normal, although not every baby does it, and it can be a phase - but the thing with phases is that we have to encourage it to end or it becomes a habit. From my experience, ending the nursing session and saying a firm "no" really helped. In hindsight, it was the beginning of instilling nursing manners (which became super important during the toddler stage )

    I would say no, and pull my shirt down. Five or so minutes later we would start again. Lather, rinse, repeat - like much of parenting

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    yes, normal, but not okay ... that is one bad nursing habit you want to nip in the bud!

    here are some links that i found helpful when my LO started biting:




    good luck

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    My LO just started experimenting with biting last week. What is working for us is for me to stay as calm as possible, remove her from the breast, and then try again in a few minutes. In my case, I am just nonchalantly saying, "OK, you don't want to nurse? We'll have milk later." I do not want to scare her into a strike or get her thinking biting is a game! She is definitely figuring out that biting means no more nursing.

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    My 6.5 month baby did this with her two bottom teeth, OUCH. It was definitely a phase that passed, but even now once a week or so she will nibble if she's bored, not interested in nursing, etc. I always take that as a sign that she doesn't want to nurse. I found that just stopping immediately (not saying anything at all to her) ended it quickly. Within a week she stopped, she had been doing it much more. Once she drew blood. I would say give no reaction whatsoever, my baby notices any reaction I give. I just say "ok, all done" and then move on.

    Other thing is that I never ever put my nipple in her mouth, I think she takes that as a signal for biting/playing. We used to do it together, as in she would go to latch and I'd move my nipple closer to her mouth. Now I just wait for her to latch on by herself and as long as I do that she never bites, because I know she's actually hungry or wants to nurse. Sometimes it's so hard to tell what they are going to do. When I suspect she may be playing I have my finger waiting to immediately take her off. Hope the biting stops soon!!
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