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Thread: Growth spurt with super long feedings?

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    Default Growth spurt with super long feedings?

    My 4-wk old has been in a growth spurt for abt 4 days, with more frequent feedings than usual. However, starting last night, he's also wanted to nurse for much longer each time, going from what normally is 15 mins to now up to 30 mins! (and then sometimes followed by a large spit up). If I try to cut him off after say 20 mins, he will start to cry and fuss. Are these longer feedings also normal for growth spurts? I don't think it's a supply issue b/c he is still having lots of wet diapers that are if anything, heavier than before.
    Thanks for the insights!!

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    Default Re: Growth spurt with super long feedings?

    welcome & congrats, mama!

    how's his weight gain? how many times per 24 hours is he nursing?

    generally what you're describing is normal, but we want to make sure first that he is actually gaining appropriately. Wets are one approximate sign of that, but you probably have a recent weight on him at 4 weeks, right?
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    Default Re: Growth spurt with super long feedings?

    with the PP. One more question- how has nursing been aside from this spurt of frequent and long feedings? Is it comfortable for you?

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